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Hurricanes And Suns
Love is a game for everyone
But this is you and me
We had a thousand lies than wanted
We have hurricanes and suns
Hey, don't you know we just begun?

Come pain, come hurt
See the halo
Hey, hey, halo!
Come pain, come hurt
See the halo

Hey, hey, halo Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey!
If I Die Tomorrow - Far East Movement & Bill Kaulitz
Far East Movementとのコラボで久々にBill君の新曲が聴けるとあってファンはかなり期待していました。
Far East Movementはともかくとして(きっと素晴らしい)Bill君の声は期待を裏切りません!!
If I die tomorrow
As the minutes fade away
I can't remember
Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything
You make me feel so alive
If I die tomorrow
* * Thank you so much ! * *

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